Aspects of Everyday Life and Natural Phenomena as Recorded in the Chronicle of the Elsen Family from Reghin (1704-1853)

Published in: TRANSYLVANIAN REVIEW, Vol. XX, Supplement No. 4, 2011

Author: Dr. Dorin-Ioan Rus

THE AIM of the present article is to reveal the manner in which the authors of this chronicle viewed the world and the environment, on the one hand, and to analyze the perception of natural phenomena in a family chronicle, on the other.

The chronicle of the Elsen family, entitled “Familienbuch und Hauschronik des Herrn Samuel Elsen, Tischlermeister (und Turner) in Sächsisch-Regen,” extends over the period 1704-1853, and it is authored by several of its members. There was a copy of the original manuscript which was initially owned by Professor Hellwig1, but which later came in the ownership of Helmut Czoppelt.2 The latter, during his large-scale data collection on the town of Reghin, managed to make a transcription of the manuscript on four A3 format typewritten sheets. The new manuscript can be found at the Siebenbürgische Bibliothek/Archiv, Nachlaß Helmut Czoppelt, Sächsisch-Regen, Band 8, A VIII 169, A2244.

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